Bow-tique Hotel

NPE’s perspective

Lovely and I were planning on camping at Lake Edun, but torrential rain put a literal damper on those plans! However, we were able to secure a room at the new Cyrus Boutique Hotel in Topeka, which provided an excellent opportunity for Lovely to model some lingerie I’d picked up for her! Much more than a silver lining, I’d say!

This sexy little number with a red bow was first and how erotic of a piece it is! I love how it frames her breasts and draws my attention to those perky nipples (as though they need the help!).

Is there anything more seductive than a lovely lady in a sexy negligee on a bed? I love this shot of her kissed by the sun, a glimpse of her sex teasingly hidden in shadow!

When she toys with tugging at the bow, what man could resist wanting to fully unwrap that present?

How could I be so lucky as to be invited to share a bed with such a lovely work of art?

How can I detect the difference between nude art and the erotic? Naturally! The detection is in the erection! What is the difference between the erotic and the pornographic? That will stay between Lovely and I for now!

Wicked Wednesday

4 thoughts on “Bow-tique Hotel

  1. Hotels are often overlooked as cliche or just boring settings for nude photography, but we’ve had some great luck with some wonderful settings, both historic and modern. When you can turn an ordinary space into a fabulous setting you’ve got something special, a gift to yourself and to the rest of the world.

    This was a fun shoot, and modeling new lingerie has got to be one of the most fun things ever!

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  2. “The detection is in the erection!”

    This put such a smile on my face! I love to go to hotels, not only for the photo opportunities, but just because it takes you away from daily life, and creativity seems to come to life there. Beautiful images!
    ~ Marie

    PS: Brilliant to have Braindrops on Wicked Wednesday!

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  3. You guys made this look so fun! Marvellous hotel room provided a glorious setting but truly Lovely and that lingerie was stealing the show. You looked great in the bow too. Thanks for cheering me up with your vacay antics.

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