Edun Fest 2021

Took a lovely weekend with Lovely to our new favorite place, Lake Edun for Edun Fest 2021! Unfortunately, Lovely was feeling under the weather Sunday morning. That and to respect the privacy of others, I snuck off early morning to take some photos around the beautiful grounds!

Speaking of under the weather, it was over 100 degrees this weekend, so what a relief it was to shed those hot clothes and get into something much more comfortable!

Edun Fest was planned to be a three day festival with more organized events to do, but due to a soggy spring that left the trails and north beach a mud pit, they made the call to shorten it to Saturday only. The trails did dry up in the intense heat, but there was no fun run, probably wise given the temperatures anyway. Though I did go out for a solo run which I’ll post about on NPE.

They did have some body paint, but nobody was really into it, we didn’t have much of an idea of what to do either. I doubt it would have stuck with the heat and humidity anyway. It was keep yourself entertained until evening when there was a chill and grill pot luck!

They grilled up good burgers, hot dogs, and brats and had the usual picnic fare as well as some salads. The food was good and cold drinks hit the spot!

Lake Edun is a primitive site, the only permanent building is the barn which has electricity to keep some beverages cool. So you much camp or park an RV in the parking lot. We like to camp anyway.

Camp MVP was the Igloo cooler, cool water and drinks all fest long!

MVP of the grounds is Lake Edun which kept us cool and provided a great place to hang out, let it hang out (he he) and chat with new friends! Mostly on the sandy south beach not pictured for privacy reasons.

Edun has a green enthusiasts’ dream of using lake water to irrigate the surrounding lands. It appeals to my love for post apocalyptic style survival rigging!

After another cooling dip, Lovely and I went to check out the trails! They are well shaded and have some cute little bridges over creeks.

After food came the evening’s entertainment, a cool guy named Crazy Boy Coy, a stunt performer specializing in fire breathing and juggling who put on a great show! I think he was a little nervous at the start given the unconventional location, but I think he just imagined the crowd naked and it went well after that! Ha ha!

But really a great guy and the great people of Lake Edun even managed to talk him out of his clothes for a moon float at the south beach!

That was my chance to have the stage all to myselves! Nobody was around to see it, but it was Masterpiece Theater, I assure you!

Then I got out my headlamp for a night trail run. Great trails, though spider webs made it a bit sticky, and I admit I had a mostly irrational fear of getting bitten on my bits! Thankfully my guy made it through unscathed!

Sinful Sunday
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6 thoughts on “Edun Fest 2021

  1. This looks loads of fun and you’ve made the most of it all. Your theatrical performance is something to behold and I don’t think your ‘bite’ fear was all that irrational – glad it was proved wrong though. So glad you both had plenty to entertain you – thanks 4 sharing.

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