Almost EotY -or- Lab Rat Gets a Piece of Cheese

Monday: Interviewed with a local television station about my journey as a blind runner

Tuesday: PR’d my run times for 2mi, 1mi, 1/2mi, 1K, and 400m distances

Wednesday: recognized as a nominee for the 2020 Employee of the Year.

So, I’ve had a very good week! There is so much life to celebrate! (Which means more celebratory nudes, of course!) I’ve worked as a Quality Laboratory Technician (Lab Rat) for nearly two years. It’s my dream job (at the company I work at), and I’ve wanted it since the first week of my employment almost 12 years ago. Happiest lab rat ever! I was nominated by our Director of Quality this year as a candidate for Employee of the Year. While I did not receive that honor, the nomination and the respect, admiration, and acknowledgement of my professional prowess that comes with it are priceless to me. I greatly admire my two supervisors and to be put forward as a candidate by them is humbling and downright emotional (in a good way!).

I don’t have a lab coat at work. Our lab is climate controlled at 73 degrees and 50% humidity … which translates to uncomfortably tropical … which renders a lab coat ridiculous. And so, for this series of photos I’ve chosen an end-of-workday theme sans lab coat ….

This shoot seemed like it took forever! My remote is MIA so had to run back and forth between shots to set the camera timer. I guarantee you it has never taken me that long to get out of business attire and high heels!

2 thoughts on “Almost EotY -or- Lab Rat Gets a Piece of Cheese

  1. This the lab of labs, no lab coat required, after work of course. Then the real testing can begin. You have clearly exhibited your list of experiments in a most glorious way. 😉

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