Running Blind: Not-so-Fat Tuesday

Back in August, or 10lbs ago, I started this blog to document my naturist 5K journey as well as just random fun and serious topics.

On this Fat Tuesday I was feeling pretty blah, and ‘fat’ seemed like a pretty apt word for how I was feeling. But Tuesday is run club night. It was showery and even snowing a bit, cold and windy, and I didn’t really want to run nearly so much as I wanted to nap. But I don’t miss run club night, so I was there early, just like normal.

Nude photos have become a celebratory thing with me, and tonight I have reason to celebrate; my competitive spirit is happy tonight! PR’s, or Personal Records, are part of what keeps this 5K journey alive. Tonight was a PR night!!! On this Fat Tuesday maybe I’m feeling Not So Fat as I thought I did. In fact, I feel pretty damn good!

I still can’t believe THAT chick can actually RUN!!!

4 thoughts on “Running Blind: Not-so-Fat Tuesday

  1. It may well be Fat Tuesday but what we have see here is accomplishment, beauty, self-confidence and an amazing personal best. 🙂 Well done and quite lovely !!

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      1. Well deserved, it’s not easy to put yourself out there for others to judge or approve. For us it just feels great to be who and what we are, we make no apologies and neither should you.

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