Sindiana Jones: and The Shady Hideaway

Sindiana Jones

I want to go back and tell my 12 year old self “You’re never too old to pretend.” I distinctly remember sitting on a downed log with that very same stick in hand, tears rolling down my face, telling myself I was going to have to give up the very best part of me; my ability to create adventure. This weekend I finally relit those embers, for they never did die out completely, and the best part of me is still alive!

Special thanks to NPE for naming my title character, and I’m sure Sindiana Jones will be back with more delightful adventures!

This was my first outdoor shoot; the nerves lasted about as long as it took me to undress, and there was a few moments of hiding behind a tree because I thought I heard an ATV slowing down at the gate over the hill. Was also informed that the renter checks cattle via drone, so no guarantee this was going to go unobserved. This is also my first body cage/harness. They are so incredibly sexy! I made this one myself!

I took a walk out in the sunshine and grass after this shoot but still nude. It was glorious!!! Cannot wait til my next visit home to do this again! The freedom, the physical sensations, it was all so much more than I had expected it to be; simply divine!!!

World Naked Gardening Day

So… I’m not naked, I’m not gardening, and I’m a day late … but the spirit of the day was there!

I earned that sunburn competing in my first official HALF MARATHON this morning! 13.1mi in 3hr39min!!! My goal was to get it in under 4hr … 20min to spare was way better than I expected!!! Very happy! Very tired! Very sore!

Almost EotY -or- Lab Rat Gets a Piece of Cheese

Monday: Interviewed with a local television station about my journey as a blind runner

Tuesday: PR’d my run times for 2mi, 1mi, 1/2mi, 1K, and 400m distances

Wednesday: recognized as a nominee for the 2020 Employee of the Year.

So, I’ve had a very good week! There is so much life to celebrate! (Which means more celebratory nudes, of course!) I’ve worked as a Quality Laboratory Technician (Lab Rat) for nearly two years. It’s my dream job (at the company I work at), and I’ve wanted it since the first week of my employment almost 12 years ago. Happiest lab rat ever! I was nominated by our Director of Quality this year as a candidate for Employee of the Year. While I did not receive that honor, the nomination and the respect, admiration, and acknowledgement of my professional prowess that comes with it are priceless to me. I greatly admire my two supervisors and to be put forward as a candidate by them is humbling and downright emotional (in a good way!).

I don’t have a lab coat at work. Our lab is climate controlled at 73 degrees and 50% humidity … which translates to uncomfortably tropical … which renders a lab coat ridiculous. And so, for this series of photos I’ve chosen an end-of-workday theme sans lab coat ….

This shoot seemed like it took forever! My remote is MIA so had to run back and forth between shots to set the camera timer. I guarantee you it has never taken me that long to get out of business attire and high heels!

Running Blind: Not-so-Fat Tuesday

Back in August, or 10lbs ago, I started this blog to document my naturist 5K journey as well as just random fun and serious topics.

On this Fat Tuesday I was feeling pretty blah, and ‘fat’ seemed like a pretty apt word for how I was feeling. But Tuesday is run club night. It was showery and even snowing a bit, cold and windy, and I didn’t really want to run nearly so much as I wanted to nap. But I don’t miss run club night, so I was there early, just like normal.

Nude photos have become a celebratory thing with me, and tonight I have reason to celebrate; my competitive spirit is happy tonight! PR’s, or Personal Records, are part of what keeps this 5K journey alive. Tonight was a PR night!!! On this Fat Tuesday maybe I’m feeling Not So Fat as I thought I did. In fact, I feel pretty damn good!

I still can’t believe THAT chick can actually RUN!!!

Salt-ry Medal Presentation

If you follow NPE (and you SHOULD if you don’t!) you know we had quite the adventure this weekend; a 5K run in a working salt mine! That’s right; over 600 feet below the Kansas grasslands is an ancient ocean floor from whence comes the rock salt used on city streets to make them safe for winter driving. Once a year they turn off all the lights, map out a 3.1mi course with a blue rope snaking through wide tunnels of salt., and set us crazy runners loose in there, decked out in bike helmets and headlamps, determined to follow that blue rope as fast as we can; in the dark, over rutted, wavy, mounded, bumpy, valleyed, loose, rocky, moon-like terrain, in still and heavy air that smells and nearly tastes of salt, in a perfectly comfortable running temperature around 60 degrees.

Running in the dark is no big deal to me. As a blind runner I do it all the time. The challenge with this race was the terrain. Putting in a flawless performance as first-time running-guide was my long-time friend NPE. Not only is a guide required to physically guide a blind runner through a course via a tether both runners hold on to (I use tug toys for dogs), but they must also verbally guide by alerting the runner to direction and terrain changes. This course required almost non-stop narration due to the roughness of the terrain and the maze-like turns of the tunnels. All I had to do was follow. NPE had the true challenge. No words can express my thanks to him for taking up that challenge and sharing this amazing run with me.

And so, as is tradition, I have once again put together a few artful nudes embellished with the spoils of the run; a medal!

As NPE so artfully pointed out in his blog post this particular medal lends itself ever so nicely to naughtiness! You should see where he put it! I bet you can guess!

She’ll Be Comin’ Round the Mountain When She Cums

So, unfortunately, I can’t draw … but ever since I heard a couple coworkers mention this song I’ve had this (tad bit morbid) cartoon image stuck in my head. I’m going to attempt to describe it, and maybe one of you artistic types can run with it:

Frame One: a road spirals around a mountain peak. In midair just off one of the upper curves is a car. On the passenger side is a speech bubble that reads “NOOOO!”. On the drivers side is a speech bubble that reads “yes! yes! YES!”

Frame Two: inside the car the female driver has her head thrown back, her eyes squeezed shut, and her legs open. The male passengers eyes are bugging out, his mouth is wide open, and his hand is up the drivers dress between her legs.

The Poses at the Broadview

I recently had the opportunity to stay in a very beautiful room at the historic Broadview Hotel. The hotel is said to be haunted, especially on the eighth floor where I was staying, by a 1920’s businessman who killed his wife when he discovered her in a compromising position with another hotel guest and then leaped to his own death from the window of his eighth floor room. I did not see any ghosts, but maybe some lucky person looking in an eighth floor window thought they did!

This photoshoot is the product of my research into sexy poses. The website cited below was, by far, the most helpful. I was looking specifically for poses for curvy girls, but I tried them all, and even managed to pull off some skinny girl poses rather nicely! The lighting is terrible, but you do what you can within a tight schedule!

Ha!!! Yeah right! Next!

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