The Lovely Braindrops

Lovely: delightful for beauty, harmony, or grace.

Braindrops: The few splotches of ideas pertaining to a future creative project.

What does “Lovely Braindrops” mean to me? Lovely, physical beauty? Yes, but not just surface shallow.

Darkness or black is often portrayed as bad, with light and shining as good. When one looks at the universe, it is mostly darkness of an incomprehensible void, yet the force of gravity acts throughout the void to draw together the small, desolate particles and in the darkness bind them.

Into pinpricks of nuclear fire that shine in defiance across the light-years. It is said without darkness, there can be no light. This is not true. Until recombination after the Big Bang there was only light, yet without darkness and the cold of the void, there could be no fusion, no stardust from which to create life.

It is the harmony of darkness and light that allows those few splotches of defiant light that allow for the forging of life, of intelligence. Graced with its presence, a project of future creation, forever becoming!

Sinful Sunday

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