Page Transition

The original idea for a page called ‘Braindrops’ occurred many many years ago. I wanted a place away from Facebook where I could post my journal, dreams I’d dreamt, and random ramblings of my inner mind.

When I decided to join the world of nude photography there was no other name in my mind to call my page but ‘Braindrops’. Unfortunately my photography greatly limits my audience and is not how I imagined ‘Braindrops’ all those years ago.

I have finally found a name for my photography blog! ‘Braindrops’ was a play on words; thoughts falling from my brain like raindrops. While I hesitate to sexualize nudity, ‘Cumdrops’ (kinda like gumdrops) insisted on creation. And so, the link above will take you on my naturist journey from here on out! But don’t leave ‘Braindrops’ completely; my photos may be there, but my thoughts will continue to bloom here!

My posts will slowly be making their way to ‘Cumdrops’ over the next several weeks, so if a favorite post disappears here, it has been moved there!

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