Sindiana Jones: and The Shady Hideaway

Sindiana Jones

I want to go back and tell my 12 year old self “You’re never too old to pretend.” I distinctly remember sitting on a downed log with that very same stick in hand, tears rolling down my face, telling myself I was going to have to give up the very best part of me; my ability to create adventure. This weekend I finally relit those embers, for they never did die out completely, and the best part of me is still alive!

Special thanks to NPE for naming my title character, and I’m sure Sindiana Jones will be back with more delightful adventures!

This was my first outdoor shoot; the nerves lasted about as long as it took me to undress, and there was a few moments of hiding behind a tree because I thought I heard an ATV slowing down at the gate over the hill. Was also informed that the renter checks cattle via drone, so no guarantee this was going to go unobserved. This is also my first body cage/harness. They are so incredibly sexy! I made this one myself!

I took a walk out in the sunshine and grass after this shoot but still nude. It was glorious!!! Cannot wait til my next visit home to do this again! The freedom, the physical sensations, it was all so much more than I had expected it to be; simply divine!!!

6 thoughts on “Sindiana Jones: and The Shady Hideaway

  1. These are glorious! I love watching the progress from shy to power poses! Rawr! That harness is great with the thick rings and you look great in it! Skill and thrill! Thanks so much for sharing and I’m glad you enjoyed your first naturist outing!

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  2. Beautiful photos and great imagination. I think many of us imagined roaming about nude like a savage or an explorerer creating our own adventures but in the back of our minds hoping for discovery.

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      1. It’s so wonderful you filled in a dream. Yes, this type of thing becomes very addictive, the more you do it the more you desire to do it and the adventures will someday become more bold.

        T&K aka sassycoupleok


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