(almost) Nude in Kansas

Saw this article today:

Legalizing Toplessness for Women

Things are finally looking promising in Oz… thanks to our far more progressive neighbors to the west in Colorado.

While I want to walk out my front door topless RIGHT NOW, I know this is still ultra-conservative Kansas, and I have some justifiable fears.

~ Nobody’s been informed! The local media has been completely silent on the existence of this new legal freedom. The neighborhood would call the police… and do THEY know about this? I’m not of a mind to be the first to find out!

~ Limited information. Without perusing the actual legal document, I can hardly believe there aren’t conditions and legalese loopholes, like school zones or public complaints.

~ Loss of employment. With anti-discrimination laws in jeopardy, and companies ability to hire/fire based on lifestyle and social media, I doubt I’d be employed for very much longer… because you KNOW the media would be ALL OVER the story if I were daring enough to exercise my new legal freedom.

~ Safety!!! Not only would I worry about being sexually assaulted, I’d be worried about being harmed by over-zealous opposers of even partial nudity. Amazing how people’s OTHER morals disappear in leu of fanatic opposition to taboo lifestyles and actions. Those people seriously scare me!

So… while it’s certainly ‘clothing optional’ behind closed doors, I’m going to wait and see what happens if someone else is willing to brave this new freedom in the Land of Oz!

5 thoughts on “(almost) Nude in Kansas

  1. It’s depressing to think here in the 21st century our society still seeks to sexualize women’s breast and bodies too. With all of the equality agendas floating around how the equality of both men and women having the right to go topless having not been made a priority shows how hypocritical we are as a society. The real dream come true would be ones right to full nudity in and around own their own property but we would readily accept top freedom as a baby step in that direction.

    Ms. K


  2. This started in Fort Collins Colorado, and I will be watching closely for public reaction. I’m hoping that after a time the ‘baby step’ will become normalized and we can move on to getting some real freedom. In the meantime, I remain cautiously optimistic.

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